LabTool-48UXP 9.10

Accesses and updated device programming
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Connect the suite to a computer via USB or parallel ports and automatically access the power control options as well as voltage configuration of the hardware. Flashing is possible along with quick adjustment of programming for runtime functions and processes.

LabTool-48UXP is an intelligent universal programmer.

Main features:

- USB or parallel port interface with auto-switch power
- Support 5V and 3.3V low voltage devices, 1.8V chip support through low voltage adapter.
- Less then 2 seconds per Mbit Programming speed for high density flash chip.
- No adapter required for DIL chip up to 48-pin
- 48-pin universal pin driver and current limit
- Auto-sense/ Self programming with statistical report
- Device insertion /continuity check
- Universal adapter for 44-pin PLCC/ QFP/ TQFP/PSOP and 40/48 TSOP
- Automatic EPROM/ Flash ID search
- Serialization for Memory/μP chip
- Memory buffer H / L byte swap
- Project file save / load function
- User-selectable verify Vcc with one or two-pass verify voltage
- Automatic file format detection and conversion
- User-changeable programming parameters.

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